Project Resources

This page has all the templates and documents you will need to complete your projects. Contact if you have any questions, queries or suggestions. As submission dates change every year, please check the online toolkit for Project Plan and Project Case Study submission dates.

A Guide to the Green Impact Project System:

To view the Guide to the Projects System, including what projects are, how they are scored, how they are audited, Q&As and the submission timeline for 2022/23, download and read this document.

Please also refer to the University’s Sustainability Strategy.

Project Plan Template:

Download and complete this Project Plan for each of your projects. Include your aims and plan your outcomes through a SMART action plan. Send this completed document as soon as possible to to ensure your team receives feedback on your project ideas. This can then be uploaded to the toolkit once approved by the SPA.

Case Study Template:

Download and complete this short Project Case Study for each of your projects. Include the title, aims and outcomes, any pictures or graphics and a short self-evaluation. This is due at the end of the Green Impact year, and should be sent to as well as uploaded to the toolkit.

Suggested Projects Ideas:

View the above document for some project suggestions, which have been compiled as projects that are in line with the University’s Sustainability Strategy and can be taken on by multiple teams to help the University’s efforts towards sustainability.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Check out the links below for useful insight into the UN SDG’s, to inspire you in creating your projects.

Example Projects:

Find examples of past high scoring projects here for inspiration and guidance.

Historical Green Impact Criteria:

Download this spreadsheet of Historical Green Impact Criteria from the old workbook. This has got lots of suggestions for different actions across the themes that you can integrate into your project if you are short of ideas.

Remember to contact before you start your project.

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