Residence Life’s Zero Waste Talk

We’ve handed the Green Impact Blog over to Residence Life today. Emma tells us about an upcoming Zero Waste Life talk, which you are all invited to! If you or your team would like to contribute to the Green Impact blog, contact 

Some time after 2100, the world will hit Peak Garbage, and produce 11 million tons of trash daily!

Recently, a group of Tesco shoppers ripped the plastic wrapping of their goods and left it at the check out, they filled three huge trolleys with their discarded waste…. but is this the best way to protest against the excessive use of plastic in our supermarkets? We all know we have to become more sustainable but is knowing enough?  Has the time come to learn how to do more? 

One University of Sheffield staff member, Dom Kolarova, has had enough of the excessive use of plastic and Residence Life has asked her to come a talk to staff and students on Tuesday 24 April at 7pm in High Tor 5, The Edge, Endcliffe.

Come hear Dom speak about the reasons why she has adopted ‘zero waste’ as her cause, learn some of her zero waste solutions, find out where and how she shops, what equipment she uses, which local business are on board and how she composts much of her general waste.

The talk will be followed by a Q and A session where you can ask Dom any questions about zero waste and what you can do to reduce your own plastic consumption?

As the venue has a limited capacity, this is a ticket only event, please click here to book your free ticket.

Light refreshments will be provided using only local suppliers and zero packaging.

Come along, be inspired and make a difference.


About Dom Kolarova:

Dom Kolarova is a Sheffield based blogger who through her blog shares her adventures and Zero Waste journey. Her aim is to inspire people and show them that Zero Waste is simple and it is something that everyone can do in order to preserve the environment for many generations to come

As a climber and adventurer, it’s really important to Dom to protect the natural environment which brings her so much joy.

After graduating from Sheffield University with a Law degree, she now works at the University at Sport Sheffield as a Residence Sport Coordinator running a sports programme which aims to get students motivated and healthy and into exercise.

For further information, please contact

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