Go Green Week 2015

In February, we took part in Go Green Week by turning our focus onto recycling and encouraging teams to spread awareness throughout their departments.

Whilst we recycle 90% of of all waste on campus, we think we can do better! Our Go Green Week aim was to raise awareness of the importance of recycling at source and to try to increase our percentage of waste that gets recycled at source.

We held a staff survey which received 311 responses from across the University. This survey looked at personal recycling habits and individual barriers to recycling to help us understand better how we can improve our rate of recycling at source.

The survey identified three different strands when looking at barriers: lack of facilities; lack of information or an unclear knowledge of the recycling system; other peoples’ attitudes to recycling.

We will use our Go Green Week recycling survey to develop a University wide recycling campaign to combat these barriers and boost our recycling rate!

Go Green Week also saw teams take part in a workbook Power Week. The challenge was to complete as many actions as possible within the week and we had 10 teams complete over 10 actions in the one week! It was a great way to kick start Green Impact after the Christmas break.

Go Green Week final flyerimage_Page_1

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