Going for Green – Onwards and upwards

A big thank you to Louisa for her post on Wednesday about joining Green impact as a new team, new member of staff, and even a new type of workbook- using the catering tab. It’s an excellent achievement to be able to say they’re doing so well.

So now we have our 8 teams up and running, the question is how do we maintain the focus and keep our momentum going? We don’t want to get through the work book, tick it off, mark down for the SRDS in the summer, but move on and not think about it again for another 6 months. We want to keep up the behaviour change, and make Green Impact a ubiquitous part of normal working life in ACS. For us, this programme is not a sprint to the finish, more of a gentle jog. Mo Farah rather than Usain Bolt.

• Managing progress of all teams, AND keeping momentum- need regular meetings
• Chance to engage with the GIPAs
• Challenges/benefits of ‘floating GIPAs’
• Keep going through the summer
• E-mail distribution lists

It is not just a case of the “buy-in” from the staff bit also needs to be led from the top. Fortunately, at the very top of ACS our Director is very pro active and is very much hands on. She gets involved including putting forward ideas / initiatives forward and has even brought in freshly laid eggs into the office daily laid by the chickens her and her partner have for staff to enjoy.
Another top tip we have introduced is the use of small compost pails which we have in each of the rest areas for staff to put their banana skins, apple cores. Used tea bags amongst other items that when the compost pail is full these are emptied onto the compost heap that forms part of the students eats allotments area across at Crewe residence.
Over the last three years since I first became involved in the ACS Green Impact programme to where I am now the lead person within the teams pulling the staff in one direction and taking then forward not just form what most teams will achieve this year which will be bronze. Next year will bring new challenges and new staff and being the very competitive person that people who know me will testify to the grass won’t grow under my feet and I will ensure this is driven forward and teams will learn from their efforts and hard work this year and will work towards achieving at least silver.

I do love a challenge and the motto for this year and next is certainly onwards and upwards!

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