5 easy ways to start a zero waste lifestyle

We’ve handed the blog over to our students today! Calsie gives us five ways to start a zero waste lifestyle and reminds us of the Zero-Waste Market being held in the Student’s Union on Thursday the 15th March 2018! If you or your team would like to contribute to the Green Impact blog, please e-mail greenimpact@sheffield.ac.uk.

By now, most of us are aware of the massive environmental problems our waste creates. Have you ever wanted to reduce the amount of waste you produce but weren’t sure where to start? Then read on, this blog post is for you! It’s not as difficult or daunting as you think…

  1. Reduce Food Waste

Ever thrown out food you didn’t have time to eat? There are many ways you can avoid this. If you didn’t already know, there’s a community fridge in the Edge Café at Endcliffe. This allows people to share any vegetables, bread, sandwiches and packaged goods they have that would otherwise go to waste. For those who don’t live at Endcliffe, fear not! Another solution is to add unwanted/surplus food to a food sharing app called Olio. This free app allows you to share within the local community. It can even be used for other non-food household items too!

  1. Use re-usable bags

It may be obvious by now, but replacing plastic bags with reusable ones dramatically reduces plastic waste. Why not always keep one folded up in your handbag/rucksack for those unexpected dashes to the supermarket.

  1. Use re-usable coffee-cups, water bottles and lunchbox’s

Your early morning dose of caffeine has a far longer lasting impact than you may have realised – disposable coffee cups take 25 years to fully decompose in landfills, and whilst doing so generate the greenhouse gas methane. An added incentive to bring your own is that many coffee shops offer a discount. Save 20p with every hot drink bought on campus, and 15p for bringing a reusable lunchbox with every salad at New Leaf in the SU.

Don’t want to carry a dirty cup around with you? The university has recently launched the Campus Cup scheme so you can use a reusable campus cup for a £5 deposit, and then return it to any participating outlet across University campus.

  1. Say no to disposable utensils

The next time you’re out getting food or drinks, ask for no plastic straw in your drink and no plastic cutlery. You can buy re-usable straws in Our Shop in the SU, or skip the straw completely.

  1. Buy second-hand clothing

Charity shops are cheaper, more ethical and you can find some lovely unique items! With loads of second-hand online stores and apps such as eBay and Depop, you’ll be stuck for choice.

If you want to find out more and get your hands on some zero waste products, Green Impact and Market Society are holding a Zero Waste Market on the 15th March in the Activities Zone of the SU! Come along and get crafty with a decorate-it-yourself tote bag and mini terrarium for just a pound each, grab some local soap from MonSavon Artisan Soaps, eco-jewellery from Pert as a Pyet / Sheffield Makers, fruit from The Real Junk Food Project: Sheffield, and much more.

Be sure to click ‘going’ on the Facebook event for updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/182550655842521/

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