Your floor CAN better last year’s score. Here’s how.

It’s simple. You leave the office, you switch everything off. Lights, screens, chargers, in fact anything that doesn’t legitimately still need to be switched on! If this happened every weekend in the Arts Tower, we’d save something to the tune of 26 tonnes of CO2 a year and nearly £5000 (based on last year’s statistics).

For some reason, we don’t all do it though. Maybe we don’t care, maybe we think it’s someone else’s responsibility or maybe we just forget! To help you out, this Friday (April 4th), we’re holding the second annual Arts Tower blackout. A BIG reminder to switch off and save energy. Level 6 won the prize last year for being the best at switching off, followed closely by levels 5 and 2.

Can your floor better last year’s score? I think so. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Be out of the Arts Tower by 7pm on Friday returning no earlier than 9:30pm
  2. Switch off and unplug anything that doesn’t need to be on (screens, chargers, lights etc.) on your way out.

When everyone is out of the Tower, staff and student volunteers will audit each floor to see how many unnecessary items are left switched on.

Don’t work in the Arts Tower? You can still help. You could:

  1. Volunteer to help audit the floors (email
  2. Hold your own departmental switch off event to mark the occasion.

Like I say, it’s simple.


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