Where Can You Walk To?

By 5pm July 20th, please log your steps and miles in the form, linked at the bottom of this post. 

It’s competition time, it’s warm outside and it’s time to swap your car for your feet!

As part of Green Impact, we are holding Where Can You Walk To? a competition to encourage the
switch from the daily drive to the daily walk!

Whether its taking the bus to work or driving a car to the shops, help us save some carbon and encourage positive environmental change with added well-being benefits!


Use your Green Impact pedometer, or an app on your phone to clock the number of steps you walk over the two week period. If these journeys are journeys you would have otherwise taken by transport, log the distance.

We will then calculate our total carbon saving and the distance we made it around the world! Who eveWhere Can You Walk To? 2r saves the most carbon and makes it the furthest will win our wonderful prize – a 3 month gym membership courtesy of Sport Sheffield!

The competition is not only open to Green Impact team members. The aim is to raise awareness of Green Impact and increase engagement with the programme over the summer months. So, spread the word throughout your departments!

If you are taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge, it’s fine to use those steps with our competition.

You can use either of the posters attached at the bottom of this post to advertise the competition within your departments, to increase interest in the Green Impact programme and motivate your team members!

Enter the competition here:

At the end of the two week period, when steps are logged and miles are saved, please enter your results into this Google Form. We will announce the winner in the week commending 20th July. Good Luck!!


Posters to use within your departments

PDF Attachment file: Where Can You Walk To?

Where Can You Walk To? 2


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