Way not to waste!

At the University of Sheffield, 90% of the waste that is generated is currently recycled; that’s great, but it could be even better! Here are some ways to help get the recycle rate closer to 100% at the University and reduce your carbon footprint at home as well!

Bales-of-recycling-at-Dirty-MRFKnow what not to throw away.

Paper and card: The University has recycling bins scattered throughout departments for paper and card, so remember, when you’re throwing out your old birthday cards or you’re disposing of your sandwich packaging, think, and use the paper recycle bin not general waste!

Batteries: When you’re using a battery powered device and the batteries run out, what do you do with them? It is harmful to put batteries in general waste bins; however, they can be recycled. The university has a scheme for recycling batteries and many departments have battery collection points. The Psychology department can proudly present that there will be a battery recycling point at the Porter’s office in the main reception. Check to see if your department collects batteries and get dropping them off there!

Mobile Phones: Almost everyone has an old phone or two that sits in the drawer and is of no use to anyone. The Voice and Data team at the CiCs collect unwanted devices from departments and these can then be reused or recycled depending on the condition of the device. See their website for more information.

Only buy what you need

Food: At home, tackle the waste problem at the source and purchase items sparingly, especially when it comes to food! Plan ahead and decide on the exact amount of each ingredient that you will need for each meal so that it all gets eaten and there is no waste! Where possible, try and compost leftover food items that won’t be eaten e.g. apple cores or food that has gone out of date, instead of sending them to landfill. Better still, check the dates on all food items that you are buying and keep these at the front of the fridge or cupboards so you remember about them and they are not wasted!

Clothes: How many of your clothes sit in your wardrobe unworn? Do you really need to buy those new shorts, for example, or could you cut an old pair of jeans and create your own. Reuse what you already have, and don’t buy what you don’t need! If you can’t restyle an old item, send it to charity instead of just throwing away so someone else can reuse it.

Bring it don’t bin it (BIDBI)

Look out for details of the Bring it Don’t Bin it (BIDBI) scheme towards the end each semester, as this allows staff and students to donate unwanted kitchenware, electrical goods, books, games, DVDs, small items of furniture, etc. which go straight to disadvantaged people in the area – better your belongings go to good use instead of sitting in landfill!

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  1. I agree, there could be so much more done by students here in Sheffield to recycle! We are the greenest city in the UK at the moment, but I think its possible to make it even greener starting in University! 😀

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