Tips, tips and more tips

In Student Services we have a Green Impact tip of the month displayed at the start of each of our monthly briefing sessions. This is a great way to keep the initiatives live and the Director of Student Services, Andrew West, helps this along by making a brief reference to the tip, reminding everyone about the importance of looking after our environment.

So what sort of things do we cover:

– green tips for ordering catering

– remember to turn off lights

– launch of the Sustainability Skills & Education (SusSed)

– use tap water rather than bottled

– promoting national walk to work week and national cycle to work day

– promoting green impact events like our summer fair

Sometimes its quite hard to think of something to say quickly that is relevant to the time of year – and this month with Christmas coming up we were overwhelmed with ideas so we are going to have a tip at the start of the meeting and also a promotional slide at the end of the meeting for our bring it, swap it, give it event in January. There are plenty of Green things to think about in the run up to Christmas and it’s so easy to slip into bad ways when you are very busy. So here is a preview of our tip of the month for the December Student Services briefing


…and we also have a tip of the week section on our department green impact Google site – again there are some great tips here and being on a website these can link to more detailed information. However, we haven’t been great at adding to these tips recently so we need to have a think about how we can keep this fresh with new material – maybe we’ll pinch Miriam’s idea for having someone responsible for writing the blog each week and get everyone to take turns at providing the tip of the week. Our GIPAs last year were great at helping us get our website and Google site established so maybe this year’s GIPAs can help us develop some ideas about keeping these live. Any other ideas gratefully received.

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