The ‘Great SITraN tomato plant competition’

A couple of years’ ago we held a sunflower growing competition at SITraN which was received with much enthusiasm amongst staff and students so this year we have decided to diversify a little and hold a tomato plant growing competition.

tomato 03

We are going to provide competition entrants with a seeding plant which they will then be responsible for nurturing at SITraN on our balcony and at the end of the season we will have a grand prize giving. We planted the first batch of seeds a week ago in mini propagators using peat-free compost to see if it is feasible to germinate them in a south-facing office at SITraN.

tomatoes 1 week 01
We already have some small seedings appearing after the first week

Potential prize categories will include largest tomato, plant with most tomatoes on, heaviest crop per plant with a booby prize going to the owner of the smallest tomato.

tomato 01

We will be providing the seeds, peat-free compost and pots with the competitors doing the rest. Secret formulas for tomato feed will no doubt make an appearance and there will be much rivalry amongst growers but if the sunflower competition is anything to go on then a great deal of fun will be had by all. May the growing commence!

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