The dreaded Biodiversity report!

As part of this year’s Green Impact attempt at getting a Silver award in the grounds workbook we have had to complete a Biodiversity review of the grounds at SITraN. This review looks at all aspects of Biodiversity around the grounds and at first glance looked really daunting for us to complete and then take forward with three action points in order to successfully complete the workbook item. You have already heard from us on Monday about making a bee hotel. In addition to this, as part of the Biodiversity review, we have also made bird nesting material dispensers, increased the number of bird boxes around the grounds, giving a nod towards our Canadian Green Impact buddies with this one!:

bird box canada

And by placing two bat roosting boxes high up on the south-facing wall so they get plenty of sunshine to keep them warm:

bat box 03

Bird Nesting Material
For this project Matt Wyles, one of our technical team, actually made the bird nesting material dispensers himself. He used some garden wire (flexible wire that can be easily bent by hand), a bottle (although any funnel-shaped object will do), and some wire cutters.
weds blog 1
He started by wrapping the wire around the bottle, with most of the turns at the narrow end. Then slid the wire off and adjusted the ends to either tighten or loosen the coils. Finally, twisted or tightened up the ends of the coil to close up either end, leaving some excess wire for shaping into a loop/hook and snip the remaining wire with the wire cutters.
weds blog 2
We decided to fill our holders with dog and horse hair from one of our students’ stables, sheep wool from our GIPA’s father’s farm and straw, also from the stables. We filled the holders making sure everything was easily accessible and not too tightly packed. They were then positioned in various locations within the SITraN grounds ready for the birds to start nesting in spring.

weds blog 4Weds blog 3
Here are a couple of photos of the final product. We are looking forward to seeing nesting activity around our nesting boxes over the next few weeks!

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