The Big Christmas Switch Off!

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This Christmas, it’s lights out for the Faculty of Engineering’s Big Christmas Switch Off!

The event has been organised by Green Impact teams within Engineering and aims to reduce the amount of energy wasted over the Christmas period when unnecessary items are left plugged in or switched on.

The Switch Off was inspired by two successful Arts Tower Blackouts; in April 2014 we saved 1036kWh over the course of the weekend; that’s the equivalent of £110!

Feeling inspired? The Switch Off is not limited to the Faculty of Engineering so spread the word throughout the University and encourage your colleagues to switch off and unplug before you leave your department for the holidays. You can download some stickers here to put on equipment which needs to be left on.

We will compare meter readings from the same time period last year to show how much of a difference switching off can make!

The Big Christmas Switch Off will take place from Friday 19th December until the University re-opens in the New Year.

Switch Off and help us to raise awareness of issues relating to energy consumption! Let me know if your department will be taking part; it will be great to see which buildings save energy and make a positive change!

Some things to look out for:

  • Make sure monitors are switched off, not just on standby!
  • Make sure all windows are closed
  • Unplug all chargers and other unnecessary equipment
  • Switch off the lights


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