Sustainability Skills and Education (SusSEd) 2015 programme

The Sustainability Skills and Education Programme (SusSEd) is back for 2015!

SusSEd breaks sustainability down into manageable topics with lectures and workshops delivered by some great speakers.

The sessions are open to  staff and students, so come along! In a survey conducted by the NUS, it was found that 80% of students wanted sustainable development to be incorporated into universities. The SusSEd programme does just that!

All sessions will be held 12:00 to 13:00.

To sign up for a session please email or fill out this form:

It isn’t compulsory to sign up before you attend, but those who sign up first will be guaranteed entry to a session if it becomes full.

Session Topic Speaker Date Location
Waste and Recycling Charlotte Winnert Thursday 12/02/15 Hicks Building, HI-F41
Food Waste Ruth Roberts Wednesday 18/02/15 Hicks Building, HI-LT09
Evolving Concepts of Sustainability Dr Sonal Choudhary Thursday 26/02/15 Hicks Building, HI-F28
Back to the Future: using sunshine to provide the food and energy for 10 billion people Professor Tony Ryan Wednesday 04/03/15 Arts Tower, AT-LT01
Sustainability and the Yuck Factor Philip Powell Thursday 12/03/15 Arts Tower, AT-LT02
Energy and Carbon Management Phil Riley Thursday 19/03/15 Arts Tower, AT-LT07
Engaging Creatively with your Sustainability leadership Teo Greenstreet and Nick Nuttgens, Nutgreens Wednesday 22/04/15 TBC
Supply chain resource efficiency and sustainability: the possibility to live with infinite resources from finite resources Professor Lenny Koh Friday 01/05/15 Arts Tower, AT-LT08


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