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Hi, this week it is the turn of SITraN to bring you the Green Impact blog. SITraN, The Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, opened in 2010 and that was the first year  we were involved in Green Impact in any way at all. It was a very busy time for us getting the building ready for the Royal opening but even so we managed to get a Bronze Award for the building as a whole and for the labs tab in the workbook as well.

We repeated this success the year after with two more bronze awards but last year we decided to go for gold seeing as Yorkshire had done so well in the Olympics in the summer! We put in a huge amount of effort and not only were we successful in getting gold awards for both the building and our labs but we also received the ‘Best in Faculty’ and ‘Most Improved Team’ awards as well. Needless to say the SITraN Green Impact team were chuffed to bits and are hoping to repeat last year’s success with another two gold awards. This will be even harder than last year as the bar has been raised this year and more points in the bonus categories will be needed in order to win gold, but we will try our best.

tree palnting 2013SITraN 2013 awards most improved2

The photos shows me receiving the SITraN ‘most improved team’ award, a copy of the Project Sunshine book, from author Professor Tony Ryan-note the matching double chins(!) and planting of a tree at The Edge for the Best in Faculty Prize.

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