Special Award winners 2014/15!

Special Awards give Green Impact teams a chance to go beyond the workbook. Teams use their creativity, sustainability know-how and love for all things green to gain extra recognition for projects they have undertaken during the workbook cycle.

Special Awards are broken down into five different categories and we had lots of great entries for 2014/15. These included a student litter picking scheme, compost caddies in the student residences and the creation of a living wall. The special award entries this year showcased the innovation and enthusiasm of all of our Green Impact teams and our judging panel decided on the following winners.

Innovation Award

Winner: Materials Science and Engineering

MSE Green Team shot

The roof garden ‘green space’ on top of the Sir Robert Hadfield Building will be undergoing a renovation, thanks to the Materials Science and Engineering Green Impact team!

The project is in collaboration with the Department of Landscape’s Nigel Dunnett and Green Roof Centre Manager, Jeff Sorrill. It will involve the creation of an environmentally friendly and more usable social space, with staff and student managed sustainable areas for growing vegetation and attracting wildlife. A new sheltered seating area will be included so that the garden can be used throughout the year and information boards and posters will tell visitors about all of the environmentally friendly things going on!

The project will bring together staff and students from different departments across the University. Students from the Department of Landscape will be involved with the design and in offering practical advice on planting and management. Student and community engagement will also be encouraged with a connection to local Sheffield charity, The Art House. Students will be able to attend workshops to create a sculpture for the garden.

The 'green space' to be developed

The ‘green space’ to be developed


Best Energy Saving Idea

Winner: CiCS

The CiCS team won Best Energy Saving Idea for their development of My Sustainable Print (MSP), the new print service for all University of Sheffield staff.

MSP replaces the previous decentralised printing arrangements of over 3000 printers. Instead, the University now has 600 centrally coordinated, energy efficient multi-functional devices, with larger toner cartridges cutting down on deliveries too. These devices automatically go onto standby mode if they haven’t been used in two hours or it’s outside of standard working hours.

cics sepcial gi


CiCS carried out a print audit and found that doing this on such a scale would reduce annual power utilisation by a staggering 81% from 151kw to 29kw. This would reduce annual carbon emissions from 24 tonnes to 5 tonnes; a 79% reduction.

To release a print job, users need to swipe their University card at the printer. Documents which have been sent accidentally can be deleted and the documents printed unnecessarily are reduced. Pages which are not clearer from the server are deleted after 36 hours. Between 31st December 2014 and 1st April 2014, 3.4 million pages were deleted, pages which would have been printed before the switch to MSP.


Environmental Hero

Winner: Christian Unger

Christian is described by his team mates as a ‘pivotal member’ of the BMS Green Impact team. After joining the team in 2011, he became very passionate about environmental issues and actively involved himself in numerous campaigns.

cu image

Christian runs the BMS Green Impact website and Facebook groups, monitors energy usage and generates energy plans. He also helped to create the BMS living wall. Outside of his direct involvement with Green Impact, Christian is a member of the Carbon Neutral University, a new network designed to bring people together and develop plans to enable the University to become carbon neutral.

Christian’s pro-environmental attitude continues outside of the office as a member of the Sheffield Climate Alliance; an Ecosia ambassador; and by ensuring environmental good practice in recycling, purchasing energy efficient equipment and eating an environmentally friendly diet!



Most Improved team

Winner: Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering team have gone from strength to strength, achieving a Silver award for all of their hard work!


In 2013/14, the team were unable to submit a workbook due to secondment and the resignation of their Environmental Champion. This year, the team of two worked extremely hard to reengage their department and ran numerous successful campaigns, including their own Easter ‘Black-Out’ and developed the ‘Big Christmas Switch Off’. This campaign went University wide and resulted in huge savings, you can have a look at the results here.

Understanding the importance of collaboration across the Faculty of Engineering, the team set up and lead the Faculty’s Green Impact best practice working group. This year, all departments in the Faculty of Engineering signed up to Green Impact!

Green Impact teams from the across Faculty of Engineering

Green Impact teams from the across Faculty of Engineering


Best Newcomer

Winner: ACS 22a Endcliffe Crescent

The team achieved the highest scoring workbook of any newcomer, receiving a Gold Award for all of their efforts!


There are currently nine Green Impact teams across ACS. Andy Woffindin, the ACS 22a Endcliffe Crescent team lead encourages participation and provides support for all teams, with ACS teams achieving very highly at the Showcase!

The team have undertaken other fantastic work including introducing compost caddies into student accommodation, thereby helping to cut food waste and engage students in environmental good practice! ACS regularly participate in Green Impact events, for example they were the winners of our Fairtrade Bake Off during Fairtrade Fortnight!


Green Impact Project Assistant of the Year

Winner Jeanette Yeo

jean special award

Jeanette worked extremely hard with multiple Green Impact teams throughout the year. She has been described as an integral member of the Students’ Union Level 6 team, working with them for the second year in a row. She attended regular meetings, helped with the workbook and offered great advice and green expertise. The team say they couldn’t have achieved Gold without her help!


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