Projects Resources

Projects is the new way to make your Green Impact! This page has all the templates and documents you will need to complete your projects, but contact if you have any questions, queries or suggestions. As submission dates change every year, please check the online toolkit for Project Plan and Project Case Study submission dates.


Guide to the new Projects System:

To view the guide to the new Projects tab, including what projects are, how they are scored, how they are audited, Q&As and the submission timeline for 2018/19, download and read this document.


Cheat Sheet – how to get top marks:

To view a cheat sheet, which demonstrates how to maximise your project’s points, download this document.


Project Plan Template:

Download and complete this Project Plan, including your aims as well as a SMART action plan.


Project Case Study Template:

Download and complete this short Project Case Study, including the title, aims and outcomes, any pictures or graphics and a short self-evaluation.

Remember to contact before you start your project.

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