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Maybe we should just kill the cows? …Vegetarianism and sustainability

January 13th, 2014 - Posted under: Green Impact 2012/13 - Leave a Comment

CowI’m vegetarian. It can be socially awkward, ‘uncool’ and hard to justify. It always invites the question, ‘WHY?’ and my love of questions does not extend to a love of answering them! That said, growing up with three meat-eating brothers, I’ve defended almost every argument there is to defend, and considered most points of view.

Let’s look at cool side of being vegetarian for once though:

They are all benefits to me, but what are the benefits to the wider environment?

Of course, it would be unfair not to say there are benefits to eating meat too, but there is a critical balance, and that’s what Green Impact criteria B018 is getting at. MSC fish helps to ensure sustained eco systems, procuring increased amounts of vegetarian food helps to minimise the impacts above, and free range eggs help to support positive animal welfare. Small changes can make a big difference. Maybe it’s not that uncool.

Question of the day: Could you go meat free at least one day a week?

Action of the day: Check out Meat Free Mondays for ideas


Statistics courtesy of the Vegetarian Society

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