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As I have already mentioned we submit our labs at SITraN for the labs tab in Green Impact. This is possibly the hardest area to achieve success at SITraN as we have many researchers and students working in the building using lots of specialist equipment which use lots of energy. In fact last year when we were monitoring the power usage of SITraN compared to the previous year we saw a huge rise due to the increasing numbers of staff and students we have on site at this new and growing Institute. We do our best though and try to raise awareness of Green Impact throughout the building; one of the ways we do this is by labelling all our equipment with the traffic light stickers issued last year as part of the Carbon Trust scheme to encourage lab users to switch off equipment when it is not in use. We also include a Green Impact section in our laboratory induction of new starters to make them all aware of the issues surrounding Green Impact and the University’s pledge to reduce its carbon emissions by 43% by the year 2020. You can read more about this pledge here:
Tomorrow our blog post is being written by Chris Hobbs our new Green Impact Champion who will be describing what this new post entails.
Photos showing our traffic light stickers on lab equipment at SITraN


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