(It’s the Fight of) Global Warming

The Corporate Affairs team are playing their part in the fight against global warming. They have created this video to raise awareness of environmental issues and to help save the ice caps, the forests and the alpacas…



The Corporate Affairs team here at Sheffield are consistent Green Impact high achievers! This year, as well as working on the Green Impact workbook, they have undertaken an Excellence project.

Excellence gives teams who score well in the workbook, having achieved Gold for two consecutive years, the chance to work on something a bit special. Excellence allows teams to go beyond the workbook and involve themselves in bigger picture sustainability initiatives. It gives team members hands-on experience of tackling environmental issues as they produce innovative and creative projects designed for their institution or local community.

Over the course of the project, teams submit a plan, case study and a final report which is then given an overall score out of 100. Excellence teams are also given a chance to display their project in a special slot at the Green Impact Awards Ceremony.

For their Excellence Project, Corporate Affairs have created a mentoring toolkit and the Green Impact promotional video above to go with it. Whether you are a new starter or a long-standing team stuck on Silver, the toolkit has been designed to help you achieve next award level.



The mentoring toolkit provides help for new teams and existing teams over the course of the Green Impact year. There is also a toolkit to help Green Impact mentors; these are high achieving teams who want to share some of their wisdom by helping another department to reach a higher award level and supporting them throughout the process.

Here at Sheffield, we have taken part in Green Impact for six years and the toolkit has been designed to reflect this, supporting new teams and existing teams. The toolkit contains hints and tips, advice on how to engage your department, to reach for Gold and templates and plans for meetings and campaigns. The meeting templates are particularly useful; mentoring teams can use these as a guide to ensure the team they are helping gets enough guidance and support through regular face to face catch ups.

The toolkit provides tailored and structured assistance to teams as well as allowing teams who are advanced in the Green Impact process to go beyond the workbook and offer their expertise.

If you are a team at Sheffield and feel like you need a little bit of help to achieve the next Green Impact award level, then get in touch!

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  1. what a fantastic video and such an important message. Thank you so much. I would like to take the opportunity to raise your awareness to next weeks launch of the Carbon Neutral University Network (21st May, 5-7pm, SU Auditorium). As carbon pollution is the main driver of global warming, you might be interested in coming to the launch and help the University to reduce carbon emissions. More information can be found on our Facebook event page. Organised by the Carbon Neutral University working group. Thank you for your excellent work!

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