Introducing SITraN’s GIPA

Chelsea Caton is SITraN’s Green Impact Project Assistant (GIPA) this year. She is proving to be a Godsend with her enthusiasm and ideas. Here is her contribution:

Personally, I believe it is really important to integrate sustainable living into our everyday lives, as only the smallest of changes can make a massive impact and volunteering for Green Impact has enabled me do just that! So far I have made a bee hotel out of recycled wood and collected sheep wool for insulating birds’ nests, to help make the department a bit more of an animal haven.

Chelsea Blog photo
Chelsea with the bee hotel made from reclaimed wood from her father’s farm.

As well making the odd bird feeder and willow garden decoration here and there, over the coming weeks I will be working with members of the team to carry out a biodiversity audit, subsequently drawing up and implementing an action plan for improvement. I am hoping for a career in conservation and environmental management, so I am really looking forward to this, as it is sure to be valuable experience. Working as a Green Impact assistant has been really enjoyable, as it has enabled me to get involved with different people within the university, use my interest creatively and also learn from the experience.

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