Hadfield Roof Renovation Project Begins

Renovation work has started on the Hadfield rooftop as the Materials Science & Engineering Innovation Project gets underway.

The Innovation Award is a Green Impact Special Award which allows teams to gain recognition for the green projects they have undertaken throughout the year.

Our winners are creating a space to use for both relaxation and research, involving students and local businesses. The new area will encourage biodiversity with lots of new plants and where possible, recycled materials will be used to create art for the garden. There will also be information boards detailing environmental initiatives

hafrield visual proposal

The Brief

What’s new?

  • Fixed seating to replace the area currently with three ‘humps’ on it
  • More test beds, similar to the beds to the outer edge of the roof to replace the existing sloped area behind the Info lodge
  • Removal of existing picnic benches
  • Plants to all/any areas of the roof

What’s staying the same?

  • Test beds on the far side of the roof and the weather station
  • Mature/grasses planted area in the corner (left side of the picture)
  • Info lodge and the deck to the front of the lodge, as well as the two seating runs
  • Engineers Without Borders urban agriculture beds that run along the side of the roof.

hadfield view

Above is a view of how the Hadfield garden currently looks and below, is an interpretation and plan of the new space.

hadfield ariel view

hadfield tree sculpture

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