Green Travel to Work Day

Today sees the first of our Student Services Green Travel to Work days. All staff have been asked to think about travelling green by walking, cycling or using public transport, or if they need to use the car to give someone else a lift.

This idea came about after some discussions when we tried to promote National Cycle to Work day – we tried to run a mini-competition between sections to see how many people had cycled to work but some sections found this hard as most of their staff walked to work. So we’re having another go to try and get everyone to think about the different green options.

We have set up a Google form for people to record how they come to work today – this will feed into a spreadsheet so we can track any improvements during the year – and provide that important evidence that we have encouraged the use of green transport. Green Impact champions can also ask colleagues how they travelled and fill in the form for them to improve our response rate.

Of course this is not compulsory -we have had a least one comment from someone who does not want to share this information as travel is in there own time, but most people are entering into the spirit of it.

So why the 19th December – it’s maybe a bit close to Christmas and the dark mornings and evenings are not the most likely to induce a desire to walk or cycle. Well – this is the day of our Christmas departmental briefing – we have a monthly Student Services briefing and the December one is always followed by seasonal refreshments – some of our Green Impacters are encouraging colleagues to travel green so that they can have a seasonal glass of wine.

Well lets hope it stays dry – when I looked at the forecast yesterday it suggested that it might snow about 6pm – I’m dreaming of a green Christmas rather than a white one!

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