Green Impact Sheffield Gets Revamped!

2018 is Green Impact Sheffield’s 10th birthday! To celebrate this landmark year, and in recognition of your feedback, we are mixing things up and changing the way you make your Green Impact.

As of 2018/19, we have moved away from the standard action toolkit and towards a Projects toolkit. Last year, we trialled the Projects tab with a set of teams and had some really great results! This year, all teams will come up with and complete one or more small projects throughout the year. This blog is a short summary of the changes, but  more detail can be found in the Project Guide found here, or contact for more information.

What are Projects?

The new Projects toolkit is a more fun, fresh and flexible way for you to make your Green Impact. It lets you decide what sustainability means to you by working on any number of small projects throughout the year. You decide what these projects are, how many you do and how you do them. These projects may reflect the sustainability targets of your department, or you might just think they sounds like fun!

How does it work?

In summary:

1)   Teams complete 9 essential actions in the online toolkit – these are simple actions that most current teams will already be doing

2)   Teams decide on 1 or more projects using the themes in the toolkit as a guide – you work on these during the year and upload supporting evidence to the toolkit as you would normally

3)   Teams complete an initial project plan and case study for each project and send them to

4)   Teams are audited by trained students and receive Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Projects awards. You receive a grade for your projects which will determine your award level. Read the Project Guide for full details on this year’s changes (found here)

Who can get involved?

As in previous years, any staff member or PhD student is welcome to join or create a team! Click here to view the current teams list.

Whether you work in an office, lab, catering, grounds or healthcare environment, you can make your Green Impact by completing projects. Contact if you would like to join or form a team.

What do I need to do now?

First, it is essential that you read the Project Guide, found here. On this page, you can also find a Cheat Sheet, templates for your Project Plan and Project Case Study.

Then, get your team together for an initial ideas meeting ASAP. There are some suggestions for projects under each theme in the online toolkit, or you can come up with your own! Contact for help if you’re stuck for ideas!

Next, fill out a Project Plan template (found  here) for each project your team wants to complete. Send it to for essential feedback. The deadline for the Project Plan will change from year to year. You can find this year’s deadline on the online toolkit within the Project Tab, in the Project Guide or by contacting

The next step is to complete your projects! You can still request a GIPA to help you and make full use of your Green Impact coordinator (you can contact us at for feedback, suggestions or help at any time).

Your last step will be to complete a Case Study template (found  here) for each project you have completed. Send these to on or before this year’s deadline. You can find this year’s deadline on the online toolkit within the Project Tab, in the Project Guide or by contacting

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