Going for Gold!

This week’s blog comes to you from Student Services Department. As the Department lead on Green Impact I have the enviable task of coordinating all of our teams and this year I’m encouraging everyone to go for gold – although many people think I’m mad!. We have a great team with loads of very enthusiastic green impact champions who have lots of great ideas -but also lots of caution, so most have agreed to submit for at least silver. So, my job is to help everyone share ideas across the department so that we don’t all re-invent the wheel covering similar ground and help everyone to think of initiatives to help us gain those bonus points towards gold. The best thing about our team is the camaraderie and that we can have fun while also helping to save our environment.
Although a number of teams had gained green impact awards previously this is only the second year that we have worked together across the department on green impact. Last year felt a bit like a race as we were all a bit late starting with our first meeting in November and the initial submission date only 3 months later in February.

This year we started our journey early with our Green Impact Summer Fair in July- we had various stalls covering energy, transport, catering, green technology, well-being, and working with students. We had a quiz with most of the answers available on the stall. Many people commented that they were surprised that they had learned something new about green initiatives. We also had one lucky participant who won a hamper of locally sourced produce. The photo shows our winner Denise Chandler and the wonderful hamper she won.


We’ve got lots more ideas for this year which I will cover in our blog later this week – so do you think I’m mad or should we take a chance and go for gold?

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