Being a GIPA in HR


Hi, I’m Steven. I was placed with Luke, Rachel and Sara as the Green Impact Project Assistant for HR. The team members were really friendly and were keen to get me involved in the project. It was my first experience working as a team with University staff.

A big part of my work was to create a communications plan. Creating this allowed me to follow the project and understand exactly what we had left to do, without the need to visit the department each week.

In the last two years the HR team have achieved the bronze and silver awards and this year we are hoping to get the gold award. To help us achieve the gold award we decided to use social media (Google+) to pass on our green activity messages to other HR staff.

We used Memes (pronounced: meems) as a tool to remind people to be green in a light-hearted way (scroll to the bottom to see my favourtie one). Almost every working week, we have posted two memes in Google+, such as to advertise Fairtrade Fortnight and the Energy Fairy campaign.

We found that using social media has encouraged staff to be more involved and participate in the Green Impact activities. If I had another chance to be part of HR Green Impact, I would definitely do it again.


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