Green Impact is all about celebrating the achievements and progress teams have made over the course of the academic year.

There are lots of different levels of award: working towards Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Special and Excellence which means that no team misses out and all achievements are rewarded!

To gain a Bronze award, you need to complete all Bronze criteria in the workbook. For Silver, all Bronze and all Silver must be completed and for Gold, it’s all Bronze, all Silver and 250 Bonus tab points!

The Sustainability Showcase, our awards ceremony which is held in the Spring each year, is a fantastic event which showcases all the positive changes made by teams. It is a time for teams to relax and be proud of everything they have done over the past academic year and of course, to get excited about the possibilities of the year ahead!

What are Green Impact awards?

The Green Impact awards reward staff dedication to the scheme. There are three different levels of awards on the main workbook; Bronze, Silver and Gold. On top of this, teams can also earn Special Awards or perhaps undertake an Excellence Project. Awards are presented at the Sustainability Showcase, which takes place at the end of each year’s Green Impact cycle.

How can we earn Green Impact awards?

Green Impact is based on an online workbook. The workbook is divided into tabs for each award, with specific actions to complete on each tab. To gain the Bronze award, you must complete all the criteria on the Bronze tab. For a Silver award, you need to do all the Bronze and Silver criteria. For a Gold award, you need all the Bronze and Silver criteria, and at least 250-points worth of Bonus criteria. Green Impact likes to reward every level of effort and even teams not quite completing all of the Bronze criteria will receive a Working Towards Bronze award.

What are Special Awards?

There are 6 Special awards, rewarding extra effort or innovation. These are:

  • The Innovation Award – for a particularly innovative and successful initiative.
  • The Best Energy Saving Idea award – for an energy-saving idea on campus that has the greatest potential saving with the shortest payback period.
  • The Environmental Hero award – for a specific person who has really gone the extra mile to help their department improve their impact
  • The Most Improved Team
  • Best Newcomer
  • The Green Impact Project Assistant of the Year

Excellence Awards

Green Impact Excellence rewards teams who have achieved a Gold standard workbook for 2 years in a row. It gives these teams a chance to take a break from the workbook and use their innovation and creativity to develop a year-long project, related to sustainability.


A list of our award winners 2014/15 can be found here. Or, use these links to find out more about the 2014/15 Special Awards winners or Excellence project.

A list of our award winners 2013/14 can be found here.


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