Green Impact is all about celebrating the achievements and progress teams have made over the course of the academic year.

There are lots of different levels of award: working towards Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Special and Excellence which means that no team misses out and all achievements are rewarded!

To gain a Bronze award, you need to complete all Bronze criteria in the workbook. For Silver, all Bronze and all Silver must be completed and for Gold, it’s all Bronze, all Silver and 250 Bonus tab points!

The Sustainability Showcase, our awards ceremony which is held in the Spring each year, is a fantastic event which showcases all the positive changes made by teams. It is a time for teams to relax and be proud of everything they have done over the past academic year and of course, to get excited for the possibilities of the year ahead!

Take a look at the drop down menu to find out about the different awards you can achieve and our previous Sustainability Showcase winners!

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