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Hi all,
This is the last day of SITraN hosting the Green Impact blog and today we are hearing from our two GIPAs Felicia and Gaurish.

Felicia and Gaurish signing their GIPA contacts at SITraN

Firstly from Felicia…
I have always wanted to be involved in a project apart from my academic studies. Volunteering in Green Impact Project has given me a chance to broaden my knowledge and also enhance my employability skills. On top of that, I believe I will experience a holistic university life by volunteering in the Green Impact Project.
I have joined the Green Impact Team for approximately a month. During this time, I have improved my knowledge on the environment and its sustainability. I got to learn about new things such as the bee hotel. Besides that, I also calculated the carbon footprint for travelling and thus understood the relationship between travelling and the amount of carbon footprint being produced. All these activities not only provided me with a better understanding and awareness towards the environment, but also inspired me to contribute and help the environment.

And now from Gaurish….
As a research student I believe technology plays an important part in both construction and destruction. The Green Impact in the UK is one of the very few programmes that are perfectly in line with this belief. It gives us an opportunity to use the resources we have beginning from the lowest level and make a difference in a big way. For instance, in the SITraN team, I am currently working on determining the total carbon footprint generated by university travel. There will also be several other tasks such as a pumpkin growing competition, a presentation on tree replacement policy, support for fair-trade, etc.
Both students and faculty work as a dynamic team in different departments and their combined efforts make the university a greener place. I can proudly say that this sets an example for the whole student community and eventually the upcoming generation in the country.
The Green Impact is a part of a mission to save the planet. The main ideas can be summarised as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. These questions must be asked when using every resource whether it is paper, water, a car or a flight. The Green Impact not only allows inter-departmental interaction but also allows students to gain valuable networking skills and auditing experience. During my period of volunteering at Green Impact, I received excellent exposure to team-working and team leadership. The program also helped me understand the connection between any department’s financial expenditures, the waste that it generates and how both of these can be reduced.
Being a GIPA and a change agent gave me a feeling of ownership. I felt responsible for the department I am working with. The Green Impact can be viewed as a research programme in its own way! It is fully equipped with training sessions and a wealth of experienced personnel where an interested individual can learn, develop, contribute and be recognised for his or her efforts.

Next week the Green Impact blog will be hosted by Student Services

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