How do we form teams?

The first thing to do is check that there isn’t already a team in your department! Check the communications from your department or scroll to the bottom of the page for the 2014/15 teams list.

If you’re the first in your department, contact us. We can come and talk you through Green Impact and get you started! Spread the word around your department and we will help you as you gather together and motivate your new team!

We suggest that you try to get at least one or two other staff members on board with the aim of spreading the programme throughout your department. However, Green Impact is still possible to complete as an individual; there are some teams consisting of one staff member and a number of GIPAs.

Who can be on the team?

Anyone from your department! We have teams made up of academic staff, support staff, administrative staff, technical staff, PhD students, postgraduate students, undergraduate students, and a mixture of all of the above! The only prerequisite is that you need at least one member of staff/PhD student to be a team lead.

What is the benefit of forming teams?

By working in a team, the actions in the workbook can be shared between people and it will be much easier for your department to fully embrace positive environmental changes. The scheme is designed for staff to take part alongside their full-time jobs and so having more team members makes completing the workbook criteria easier.

Forming a team also allows you to work with other members of staff who you may not normally get to work with or talk to. Teams let you find fellow staff members with shared interests in the environment and you can get to know others in your department who care about similar issues.

Is there any way of getting recognition from my department for my hard work?

Staff can sign a Champions Role Description with their line manager (or another relevant manager), which allows them to spend some time focussing on sustainability initiatives in the department. Get in touch for more information.

Teams list for 2014/15

ACS – 16a Endcliffe Avenue
ACS – 22a Endcliffe Crescent
ACS – Halifax Hall
ACS – Production & Hospitality
ACS – propertywithUS
ACS – Residence Life
ACS – The Edge
ACS – The Edge Bar
Barber House & Annexe
Cancer Clinical Trials Centre
Cardiovascular Science
Civil & Structural Engineering
Computer Science
Corporate Affairs
East Asian Studies
EFM Landscape Services
Faculty of Engineering, Faculty Office
Human Metabolism
Humanities Research Institute
Infection & Immunity
Information School
Jessop West
Mechanical Engineering
Multidisciplinary Engineering Education
School of Architecture
School of Law
Student Services – 301 Student Skills and Development Centre
Student Services – 317 Glossop Rd
Student Services – Admissions
Student Services – Careers Service
Student Services – Disability & Dyslexia Support Service
Student Services – ELTC
Student Services – Enterprise
Student Services – New Spring House
Student Services – Octagon
Student Services – RECOA
Student Services – SSiD
Student Services – SU Level 6
Student Services – The Internationals
Student Services – UCS
Student Services – UHS
University Library

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