Sustainability Skills and Education, SusSEd

The sustainability triad, showing how the environmental, economic and social issues interplayIn 2013/14 we rolled out a new programme of 30 workshops, available to staff and students at the University which broke the topic of sustainability down into manageable and understandable sessions.

SusSEd provides the opportunity for anyone at the University to learn about sustainability by opening up current research and sustainability initiatives to a wide audience.

SusSEd 2013/14 was comprised of six core sessions which focused on topics including recycling in Sheffield and sustainable food. Outside of the core sessions, we expanded the topic of sustainability under the umbrellas of environmental, economic and social with sessions including ‘The citizen of the future’ and ‘Urban greening’ to give a fuller perspective.

Finally, the SusSEd programme included professional skills sessions which included a talk on careers in sustainability. You can view the full 2013/14 programme here.

The 2013/14 sessions proved popular and we ran SusSEd again in 2014/15 as a condensed programme of eight core sessions. We heard from some brilliant speakers, covering a whole range of topics and interest in the programme was high with each session gaining between 35 and 60 attendees.

Here you can find more information on the schedule and details of each session. If you missed SusSEd 2014/15, you can read our overview of what happened here.

SusSEd is open to all staff and students at the University of Sheffield and the sessions currently run as lunchtime lectures, from 12:00 to 13:00.

Students can gain accreditation for their Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) by attending 6 of the core sessions. When the programme runs with the additional learning pathways, HEAR accreditation can be gained by following the optional learning pathways: Environmental, Social, Economic, Professional Skills or a mixture of these.

SusSED sessions

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