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15 Green Impact tips and success stories: 7-9

February 26th, 2014 - Posted under: Green Impact 2012/13 - Leave a Comment

7.  Energy Fairies

P1040444Perhaps distant cousins of the tooth fairy, the energy fairy (or fairies should I say) have been stealthily visiting offices early in the morning and later in the evening to reward colleagues who have switched off their computers and unplugged their equipment or chargers. Rewards have ranged from home baked cookies to small biscuits and Fairtrade chocolates.

Whatever the reward though, it’s surprising how much trouble can be caused when some people get treats and others don’t! I’m told repeating the activity a few weeks later led the treatless colleagues to start switching things off. Never under-estimate the power of edible bribes!

8.  Savvy Student Engagement

Students are big users of our buildings but even in student facing departments, engaging them in Green Impact can be a challenge, so here are two big success stories to inspire you!

9.  Friday Updates!

Update photoDrip, Drip, Drip. No your roof isn’t leaking, a new trend has started to trickle from the Arts Tower, filling Fridays with Fun Facts. Outreach & UK/EU Recruitment, and the International office among others have started sending their offices, short, topical and easy to read Green Impact related news, updates, facts and practical actions every Friday. Regular, easy to digest information has increased sympathy for green issues and support for the green impact teams. They include things like:

Fun. Simple. Effective.

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