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15 Green Impact tips and success stories: 13-15

February 28th, 2014 - Posted under: Green Impact 2012/13 - Leave a Comment

3 short and sweet tips to end the week.

13.  Make great use of your GIPA

Nearly 40 Green Impact Project Assistants (GIPAs) have been working hard this year to help YOU! They’ve dedicated both their time and talent, and teams that have made great use of their GIPAs have seen great results! They’ve:

Just today, I saw an excellent resource created by an excellent GIPA, to encourage staff to increase biodiversity at home.






Have you made great use of your GIPA?

14.  Get SusSEd

SusTriadHave you been to a Sustainability Skills and Education Session? If not, why not? These 1 hour, lunchtime sessions have been fun, interesting and applicable to Green Impact. Some of the things we’ve learnt about:

Wish you’d gone? Don’t worry, it’s not too late to get involved in some of the upcoming sessions. How about:

Find out more and sign up here.

15.  Buy a Jug not a bottle

JugB017 – EITHER tap water is provided for the majority of departmental meetings instead of bottled water OR refreshwithUS’s “bottled on site” reusable bottle service is requested for meetings/conferences.

Bottled on site water cannot be provided in every building, but fear not, buy a jug! In the long term, this will be cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly. What’s not to love?

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