15 green impact tips and success stories: 1-3

1.  Puzzling posters invite questions

Welsh CardioIntrigued by the wide variety of Welsh Carbon Trust posters, the Department of Cardiovascular Science translated them to find some amusing plays on words – “I opened up for you and then you walked away” and “Don’t turn me on and then leave me”.

Window CardioSparking some creativity, and capitalising on the fact that they are a very international department, they decided to create some of their own environmental posters in different languages. A combination of the use of different languages, coupled with the periodic rotation of the posters around the department has led people to pay more attention and engage with things differently. How are your posters not becoming part of the furniture?

2.  You can’t beat a good penguin love story!

PippaMeet Pippa Penguin. She was lost at the University of Sheffield and she was desperate to get back to Antarctica to marry the love of her life, Pete Penguin. Luckily the departments of level 6 in the students union were keen to (very sustainably) compete against each other to walk enough steps to ensure this very romantic occasion went ahead. Pedometers at the ready, it’s amazing how many people will walk instead of take the car when competition, pride and dare I say it, romance are at stake!

3.  The cheaters guide to bronze

You sort it we sort itA lot of bronze Green Impact is about saying to your department, “Hey, we’re doing Green Impact now, here are some simple ways you can get involved”. My favourite way of ticking lots of things are once is by identifying what needs to be communicated and providing a practical action list of 10 SIMPLE things members of the department can do to make a difference. These criteria make good candidates for this.

  1. Do your bit, choose the right bin (B007)
  2. Special things, special recycling (B007).
  3. Switch it off (B008).
  4. Close the windows (B009).
  5. Take responsibility – lighting and equipment (B011)
  6. Know the right temperature (B013)
  7. Travel sustainably (B015)
  8. Make use of the University’s fantastic facilities (B014)
  9. Take a look at your food (Related to B018)
  10. Buy Fairtrade (related to B019)


More tips tomorrow!

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