Welcome to Green Impact at the University of Sheffield

Sustainability Skills and Education (SusSEd)

The sustainability triad, showing how the environmental, economic and social issues interplay

In 2013/14 we rolled out a new training programme of 30 workshops, breaking the topic of sustainability down into manageable and understandable sessions on environmental, social and economic aspects.

SusSEd is open to all staff and students at the University of Sheffield. For students to get accreditation for their Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) they must attend the 6 core sessions between November and May. They can then gain additional HEAR accreditation by following optional learning pathways: SusSEd (Environmental), SusSEd (Social), SusSEd (Economic), SusSEd (Professional Skills) or a mixture of these. Staff may attend as many or as few of the sessions as they wish.
Click here to view the 2013/14 schedule and look out for more information on the 2014/15 programme soon!