Welcome to Green Impact at the University of Sheffield


How do we form teams?

The first thing to do is check that there isn't already a team in your department. You should have heard about any team through their communications, but you can also look here for a list of teams from 2013/14. Otherwise, contact us and you can help motivate a new team. We suggest that you try to get at least one or two other staff members on board, but there are teams consisting of one staff member and a number of GIPAs.

Who can be on the team?

Anyone from your department! We have teams made up of academic staff, support staff, administrative staff, technical staff, PhD students, postgrad students, undergrad students, and a mixture of all of the above! The only prerequisite is that you need at least one member of staff/PhD student to be a team lead.

What's the benefit of forming teams?

By working in a team, the actions can be shared between people. The scheme is designed for staff to take part alongside their full-time jobs, but if you only have one or a few team members, then the actions to be completed can mount up. What's more, by forming a team you will get the opportunity to work with other members of staff who you may not normally meet and get to know others who care about the environment.

Is there any way of getting recognition from my department for my hard work?

Staff can sign a Champions Role Description with their line manager (or other relevant manager), which allows them to spend some time focussing on sustainability initiatives in the department. Get in touch for more information.