Welcome to Green Impact at the University of Sheffield

Sheffield Sustainability Showcase 2014

On May 15th 2014 Green Impact University joined with Green Impact Students Union, Green Impact Student Homes and Food for Life (part of Sheffield on a Plate) to celebrate a year of sustainability success with a joint awards ceremony.

The event mirrored the story of Green Impact from its origins in Students Unions to its expansion to universities and its growth out into the community through Green Impact Student Homes. There were speeches from Professor Vanessa Toulmin (Head of Engagement), Paul White (Deputy Vice-Chancellor) and Keith Lilley (Director of EFM).

The Green Impact University Awards were as follows:


With Labs Gold and Grounds Bronze

Catering Gold


With labs silver

With grounds silver

With labs Gold


Working towards bronze

Special Awards

Innovation Award

Best Energy-Saving Idea Award

Environmental Hero Award

Best Newcomer

Most Improved Team

GIPA of the Year

Well done everyone!

Our personal video from Peter Madden, CEO of Forum for the Future